Bartley Kives



A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba:
Exploring Canada's Undiscovered Province.

The latest edition of the best-selling Canadian travel guidebook by journalist and author Bartley Kives

Sandwiched between North Dakota and Nunavut, Manitoba has never been the busiest chunk of tourism real estate in North America. To independent travellers, this is a good thing: Canada's undiscovered province offers uncrowded beaches, innumerable lakes and forests and unlikely cultural attractions, especially in the gritty/cool capital, Winnipeg.

First published in 2006, A Daytripper’s Guide to Manitoba immediately became an indispensable tool for visitors from abroad, Canadians passing through and Manitobans who simply wanted to get to know their own backyard. The new edition, revised for 2010, is an even more comprehensive guide to cities, towns and natural attractions in every corner of the province.

Plunder a small-town gift shop. Eyeball turn-of-the-last-century architecture. Commune with nature in wild areas that still feel wild.

And forget what you think you know about the Canadian prairies – the only thing flat about Manitoba is the Trans-Canada Highway.

Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba

Praise for A Daytripper’s Guide to Manitoba:

"Instead of just relying on promotional material, Kives appears to have worn out tire rubber and shoe leather getting to know Manitoba’s cities, towns, backroads and wilderness areas. And instead of repeating clichés, Kives uses the same idiosyncratic, opinionated style that he employs in his Offroad columns."
­– Bob Armstrong, Winnipeg Free Press

“An excellent handbook for pointing out the incredible array of places worth visiting that are all too often overlooked.”

­– T. Keith Edmunds, Brandon Sun

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